• Small quantity - higher quality. We only breed a few horses a year but they have got to be top class.
  • We aim to breed as good horses as possible. This as opposed to breed as expensive horses as possible. This is a long-term strategy which we believe both our customers and ourselves will benefit from in the long run.
  • We put enormous time and effort into finding suitable broodmares and find the right mates for these. The Blood Bank is of course an invalueable tool in this work.
  • We do not possess any stallions of shares of stallions. We want to stay completely independent when searching for the right stallions for our mares.
  • Without good care and management of the horses it would be no point breeding to the right bloodlines. Feeding, vaccination, disease and parasite control and pasture management are managed carefully in a small high-quality business.
  • All Black Type Breeders foals are for sale and prices are shown at the web site.
  • We hope we will get to share good times with you when you purchase a Black Type-breeders foal!
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