"But the great asset with The Blood Bank is the function that analyze sire production into every detail. For each sire it is possible to get information about best foal ordered by about ten different variables and, in addition, the stats are broken down to broodmare sires. This means that you very quickly get to see how a certain sire has produced with a certain broodmare sire - extremely interesting when it is breeding time, when a stallion is marketed or when you are planning a buy on an auction"
Travronden 2002-05-22, Goldmine for everybody interested in breeding

"Superior, necessary, free."
Travronden 2002-06-20, 9th place in "Hottest right now"-list

"The website is the perfect example that the Internet can be so much more than gambling, sex and quick news."
Travronden 2002-08-01, The Blood Bank gives Per a reply

"In first place: The Blood Bank Per Johnsson, the 29-year-old Swede who has founded The Blood Bank, advanced to first place in our web surfing test. The Blood Bank convinces with its knowledge and its speed, even if its layout is a bit old-fashioned compared to for example Travavl or our domestic nice-looking Sukuposti. The Blood Bank calculates in no time all important figures of line breeding, inbreeding coefficient, breed percent and indices for your mare or your stallion candidate, and finds examples of horses from the same sire-broodmare sire cross. Sensationally fast! From Johnsson's side you also get convincing statistics and comparisons of foals of sires or broodmare sires in different ages. Convincing!
Jalostusalbumi Hevosurheilu nr 18 B 2004, Free websites also the best ones

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